Wednesday, 2 October 2013

We've survived the first two days!

The Spirit at the MTC is amazing and it is so great being part of such a great army!  We stand in awe of these young missionaries! 

We had a choice experience today in one of our large group meetings.  The returned missionary who was conducting the meeting told a story about his girlfriend in high school who was taking the missionary discussions and the missionaries that were teaching her wanted to challenge her to baptism.  He was not sure about that and tried to convince them that she wasn't ready, that they should wait, as he was worried it would ruin everything.  But the missionaries, being led by the Spirit challenged her at the end of the lesson.  She said "no".  He thought to himself, "See I told you so" and thought the chances of his girlfriend ever joining the church were over!  Then to emphasize to the senior missionaries the need to follow through to find out concerns, the missionaries asked what was holding her back, what her concerns were.  She told them that she wanted to be baptized but she wanted to do it with her whole family!  Terry and I started to put two and two together.  This young man said that he was from the San Diego area; that his girlfriend’s name was Brie; that her whole family joined the Church and that one year after their baptism they were sealed in the Temple!  We knew that he spoke of the family that our son Ryan taught and baptized while on his mission.  Terry raised his hand and when called upon, asked this returned missionary if his girlfriend's maiden name was François to which he replied "yes" with a puzzled looked on his face.  Terry said "That was our son, Elder Ryan Fowler, who taught her."  He told him that three months after Ryan's mission, we went back with Ryan to his mission and were invited to this family's sealing in the temple.  It was a choice experience to see this story come full circle.  Jordon (the young man conducting the meeting) was so grateful to these missionaries for their heeding the promptings of the Spirit that set in motion the wheels that changed his life.  Jordon returned from his mission and married Brie.  They are here in Provo and get together with Ryan from time to time.  It's a classic case of leaving your family for a little while so someone else can be with theirs forever.  Good Job Ryan!  We want to do the same!

On a personal note; I spent my 36th wedding anniversary here at the MTC with my eternal companion.  It's an awesome thing knowing that!

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  1. What a faith-promoting story! What are the odds of you guys being there to hear that story told? I'm super excited for you guys and can't think of anyone better suited and prepared to be on a mission right now. Way to go Bishop and Sister Fowler! (I guess it's Elder and Sister now...)