Wednesday, 16 October 2013

First assignment is the London Temple Visitors Centre

Well, we've made it to England.  We are exhausted but thrilled to be here.  We tried to do everything that Lee Monson (a world traveler and dear friend) told us to do to avoid jet lag, but it didn't work.  I know it didn't help that we got little sleep the night before we left, and I can't understand how anyone can sleep on a plane.  We arrived around 9:30am London time and did great until 3:30pm when I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer.  Just an hour nap I thought, that should do it.  Wrong.  It has actually taken us more like 5 days to acclimate, but I think we are good now.

Since there isn't a young single adult program available for us to serve at, they have put us at the London Temple Visitors Centre (yes that is how it is spelled) until they know what to do with us. The Temple is closed right now for repairs so it is pretty slow, but the grounds are beautiful and we've enjoyed going for walks around the area.

In front of the London Temple Visitors Centre

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