Thursday, 6 February 2014

Temple & Visitors' Centre Trip

Last Saturday, our ward rented a coach to take everyone to the temple.  While the London Temple is only about 20 miles away, it takes over an hour, usually an hour and a half to get there because of traffic.  Many members have trouble getting there because there are no trains or buses that run anywhere close, and only a few people have cars.  The Bishop felt it would be a worthwhile  activity and so a list was made of all who wanted to go and the coach was rented.  As the time got closer however, the list got longer and the bus got bigger.  We ended up with 35 on the bus and a total of 42 people meeting at the temple.  Seventeen members did a session in the temple and the rest of us spent time in the Visitors' Centre (where we worked when we first got to London) and around the beautiful grounds.  We had 4 investigators, a few less actives, and 1 who was starting to come back into activity again, as well as a handful who were recently baptized. It was so awesome for us to be there with our investigators, especially Pam and Millie.  We have been working with these ladies for awhile now and have grown to love them SO MUCH!  They were both so excited to go to the temple and made great sacrifices to be able to be there.  They loved everything about it.  It was so exciting for me to see their excitement and their thirsting and hungering for more.  We went into distribution and they were buying things that they didn't even know what they were.  They just wanted everything they could get their hands on.  I remember being that way as a new member also and it makes me sad that I have lost some of that enthusiasm.  But I am renewed by theirs and the members, whom I also noticed were so honored to be able to go to the temple even if they were not going inside.  They knew it was a sacred place and they felt it a privilege to be there.  They all teach and humble me.  It was the best day ever!

The beautiful London Temple.  It was a perfect day!

Millie next to me and Pam next to Elder Fowler
in front of the Christus inside the Visitors Centre.
  We love these ladies!

Walking (and playing) around the beautiful grounds.
Jason (behind Millie) is an awesome guy coming back into activity.

Heading back to the coach.  We didn't want to leave.

On the bus ride back home.  Tired, but well fed!