Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Our First Flat

These are pictures of our flat.  It's "quite lovely really" (that's my British accent). We are staying at the Accommodation Centre on the temple grounds.  It is typically for patrons coming to the temple from far away places, where they can stay for a few days "whilst" they attend the temple, but since the temple is closed right now, there is room for us.  It really is pretty nice.  Very small but nice.  About the size of a dorm or small motel room, but we have a nice kitchen which includes a freezer I'm happy to report.  All who know me, knows, "it's all about the ice". I brought my own ice cube trays because I know that Europe isn't big on ice.  There is a reading room where we can connect to internet and so we have everything we really need.

The front entrance to the Accommodation Centre.  Our room is back and to the left.

Standing in the kitchen looking at our bedroom/living room

Standing in the bedroom, looking at kitchen and front door.
 Should have cleaned before we took the picture  :-)

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  1. You weren't kidding when you said the place was small!