Friday, 18 July 2014

Random traffic thoughts

1. Because we were at the mission office helping with the missionaries going home first part of this week, we didn't do our grocery shopping until today.  On our way to the store we saw lots of traffic and police cars, then we saw a couple of police trying to push the motorcycle out of the road.  It wasn't moving very well because of how mangled it was.  Thankfully I didn't see anyone covered with the dreaded blue cloth.  Hopefully they were already on their way to the hospital and will be fine, but it is hard for me to hope against the odds.  I cringe every time I see these motorcyclist weaving in and out of traffic and always at fast speeds.  They are time bombs waiting to go off.  I remember one Sunday, our bus  had to take a detour because of the motorcyclist who didn't make it.  I looked at the blue tarp and thought to myself, some mother and/or wife is going to receive horrible news in a little while.  I also wondered if the thought ever crossed the young mans mind as he got ready for the day, that this one would be his last.  I don't want to be all morbid, but death is a very real part of life.  Sometimes it is just our time to go, sometimes we are the casualties of someone else's decisions and sometimes we are our own worse enemies.  Someone tied flowers to the pole that the motorcyclist hit that Sunday. They are still hanging there; dried and faded.  I hope they will be a reminder to others when they see them, but I worry that our memories, like the flowers also fade.  I am so thankful that I know that there is a life after this one, and while I am not in any hurry to see the other side of that veil right now, I am glad that I know that when I do, I can return to my Father in Heaven and Jesus and loved ones who have already passed.  Help me to do my best, and then take advantage of the Grace Jesus offers.  And God bless that motorcyclist and his family.  I imagine there are hard days ahead. 

2. As I sit here I hear the sirens in the back ground. Pretty much 24/7 you hear sirens.  Police, ambulance and an occasional fire.  The police here do not handle traffic citations.  All that is done with cameras.  If you are driving too fast, turning incorrectly or in a bus lane, you will receive a letter in the mail with a picture of you proving your guilt with a hefty fine attached that will be reduced by 1/3 if you pay within two weeks.  The police here handle crime and traffic accidents. They still wear those cute bobby hats and they do not carry guns.  They also don't use whistles I noticed today when the policeman directing traffic had to yell to get the attention of the driver who was looking at the motorcycle instead of watching for his turn to move.  First time I realized how effective the whistle is in those situations 

3. The roads here are so narrow.  The other day, a motorcyclist was trying to pass our bus on the right, scraped the side of the bus and kept going.  No one but Terry and I even seemed to notice or care.  Not the motorcyclist or the bus driver.  All cars here have mirrors that fold in so when you are parked on the street you have a better chance of still having them (the mirrors) there when you get back into your car.  Pretty much all cars have scratches down the sides.  Several have dents and some are tied together with wire and duct tape.

4. On another semi related but much 'lighter' note, the traffic lights here go from green to yellow to red to yellow then green again.  I like it.  Traffic, begins rolling when the light turns yellow before the green.  You never see anyone blasting through the red lights here, let alone three cars (you Utah drivers take note).  When you see the light turn yellow you either stop or start going.  Clever.
Now let's everybody be safe out there!

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  1. So glad you updated your blog! Love all the tidbits that make each place in the world unique. However, I really love seeing the commonality we have. I love knowing that you were indexing at the time I was (along with the 66,000+ volunteers) during that big push a couple of weeks ago.