Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Our New Flat

Here are a few pictures of our new flat.  Every day I love it!  It is so spacious (except for the kitchen).  At first I thought it was just in comparison to the place we lived in while we were at the London Temple Visitors Centre, but as I visit with other people in their homes, I realize it's just plan big.  It makes me feel guilty sometimes since it is just Terry & me and we aren't even home all that much, but it is appreciated everyday.  It is in a nice neighborhood and we feel safe regardless of the time we are coming back home at night.  It is close to the bus lines (about a 5-10 minute walk) and fairly close to the train station (a 25 minute walk).  A nice grocery store is about a 15 minute walk and for the most part, we can get any kind of shopping within a 15-30 minute walk.  Maybe you have picked up on the word "walk" several times.  We don't have a car, and truth is, I would not WANT to drive here in London, so we pretty much walk everywhere.  I'm hoping that I will be a size 4 when I get home, but I'd be happy to even drop a size or two.  P.S. I did buy some mole skin for blisters on heels today.  That is helping :-)

This is the front of our flat.  Built in 1896.  Ours is the second floor flat.
  The bay windows are our living room and window to the right is our kitchen.

Our bedroom.  It has a little sitting area also. I  love the fireplace but it's
 just for looks .  For those who come to visit, your bedroom is almost as big!

Our living room with a small dining area at bottom left corner.  There is a bookcase in the
far right corner (which you can't see) and another couch opposite the one shown.
Our tiny kitchen. Very modern and functional.  I only have one drawer and that is below the stove/oven.   
 I do have a washer and dryer though (to the right of dish washer)  which makes me very happy! 
 I have a new found appreciation for IKEA (or at least I understand it a little better now)

Did I mention I love my flat?!!!!!

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  1. Only one drawer in your kitchen?! I would die!!! My dad has told me how having the laundry machines in the kitchen is big in europe.