Sunday, 17 November 2013

Beautiful (wet) Oxford

Once a month the Senior Missionaries get together and take a field trip (of sorts).  This month we went to the city of Oxford, where the famous colleges are. There are 38 total.  It was a beautiful, modern city surrounding the ancient and historic campuses.  This is where John Wycliffe (the reformer) studied and where William Tyndale translated the Bible from Latin into English.  But most importantly, at least to our grandchildren, this is where Harry Potter ate in the Hogwarts dining hall!  It rained so hard, but we still had a great time!

The Dining Hall at Christ Church University
aka Hogwart's Dining Hall
Us sitting at the head table enjoying afternoon tea (hot chocolate).
The picture behind us looks like it belongs in the haunted mansion at Disneyland.
It's just the reflections of the lights from the tables.

Terry took this shot from inside the upper library at Christ Church College. 
They have several libraries, but this is the original one and houses all of their oldest books.
I believe it was in this library, that King James commissioned the writing if the
King James version of the Bible in 1611.

Not sure which College this is.  Just thought it was a cool building,
showing the early architecture.
Unfortunately, Oxford IS a college town.  This sign leads to the
Turf Tavern, where Bill Clinton "smoked, but did not inhale" marijuana.
It says, "An Education In Intoxication".

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  1. WOW! Looks wonderful. I hope your are loving it as much as we did. Sue